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We Need Watchmen Because of Attacks on Authority in the Church

Attacks on Authority

“Authority” may legitimately be considered to be a multi-faceted concept and may, therefore, as a word, be used in more than one sense. In this article, it will be used in the highest sense of the Divine right inherent in God to legislate to his creatures. It will also be used to refer to certain responsibilities God has assigned to mankind, especially, in the church. This article deals with attacks that are made on duly constituted authority in both these senses.

The supreme attack on authority is the unwillingness of man to accept the authority of God. Men find the idea of accountability for their actions distasteful and we continually wonder if this is not the root of humanism/atheism, skepticism, etc., rather than an objective approach in harmony with the laws of logic and science.

To deny that God is and affirm the universal negative that God is not, one must make himself God. Why? Well, to substantiate this categorical denial and affirm this universal negative, one must be everywhere at the same time. For if there is one place where he is not, it may be that in that place is the overwhelming proof that God is. And one must know all things. For if there is one thing he does not know, it may be the unquestionable evidence that God is. These are impossible circumstances for the infidel but logical ones nonetheless. Continue reading » We Need Watchmen Because of Attacks on Authority in the Church