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Stan Cox

Watchman Magazine, for better or worse, is Stan’s creation.  The magazine began in January 1998 after a Prospectus issue was posted in November of 1997.  The magazine maintained a relatively regular publication schedule for over 7 years.  After a 5 year hiatus, Watchman resumed publication in January 2010 in a slightly altered format, with a new group of writers.  Stan has been preaching for the West Side church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX since August of 1989.  He is the editor and publisher of the magazine.

Stan is the proud father of four children (Joshua, Kendra, Kaleigh and Jeremiah), and has been married to his wonderful wife Debbie since 1982.

In addition to his preaching and writing, Stan has been writing a sports column and contributing photographs to the River Oaks News since 2000.  He covers high school athletic events for Castleberry High School.

Current Writers for Watchman Magazine:

Kyle Campbell

Kyle was born in Woodbury, TN in October, 1968. He began preaching the gospel at age 23 at the Cyclone Church of Christ in Cyclone, Kentucky where he remained for three years. He next moved to Murfreesboro, TN and worked with the brethren at the Northfield Boulevard Church of Christ for nine years.

In 2004 Kyle  moved to Lufkin, TX to work with the brethren at the Loop 287 Church of Christ where he continues to preach.

Kyle is married to the former Jennifer Kay and they have two children, Ramsay and Grayson.

Tommy Davis

Tommy Davis grew up in Mississippi and has been a Christian since 1973. He is married to Ellen, and they are blessed with four wonderful children: Rachel, Brandon, Jamie and Lindsey.

While serving in the Air Force as an instructor, he had the opportunity to teach and preach the Gospel in Mississippi, California, New Mexico, Italy and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tommy currently worships with the brethren at Westside in Fort Worth, TX and works in the aerospace industry as an avionics instructor and courseware developer.

Lewis Deen

Lewis is a member of the Woodland Heights congregation in Brownwood, TX.  Lewis is an intelligent and studious man.  For a lengthy period when the Woodland Heights congregation did not have a located preacher, Lewis did a great deal of the preaching for the brethren there.  He is a very capable Bible student, and we look forward to each of his contributions to Watchman.

Jerry Fite

Jerry Fite (b.1950) grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and graduated from Castleberry High School in 1968.  He married Kathy Kahre of Fort Worth in 1970. God has blessed the marriage with two children (Alicia and Blake) and four grandchildren.

Jerry  worked with the West End church of Christ in Lubbock Texas  (now known as Milwaukie Avenue) as their local preacher from 1975-1978.  Since February 1, 1978, Jerry has worked with the Parkview church of Christ in Pasadena, Texas as an evangelist.

Jerry has been engaged in the last few years in helping young men develop as evangelists in a preacher training program.  In addition to the local work,   He has written articles for various religious journals, holds Gospel Meetings and has been engaged in evangelistic work in Eastern Europe (Lithuania).     Jerry has recently completed the recording of the Bible (KJV) which is available in a MP3 format.

Chip Foster

Chip Foster is currently the preacher working with the Old Granbury Rd. church of Christ in Granbury, Texas.  He began working with this congregation in July of 2005.  Before that he worked with the I-35 church of Christ in Alvarado, Texas from 2001 to 2005.

Chip grew up in Boulder, Colorado and Fort Worth, Texas.  After graduating from high school, he owned his own business before going into various management positions in the hotel and retail industries.  This unconventional path led him back to Fort Worth, from the Los Angeles area, where he was a member of the Woodmont church of Christ.  This is where he was introduced to Lynda, the best thing that ever happened to him (she put that in).  They were married on July 4th so that he would never be able to forget their anniversary.  They have three children; Leska, Haley, and Clay.

Bryan W. Gary

Bryan Gary was born in Ft. Worth, TX in August of 1975.  He grew up in the city of Forest Hill, TX, and attended the Everman schools.

In 2002 he met the love of his life, Emily Ann Best who is from Pryor, OK, but was working and living in Houston, TX.  In 2003 Bryan and Emily were married and now make their home in Baytown, TX where they are faithful members of the Pruett and Lobit church of Christ.  They are expecting their first child in June of 2010.

Bryan is a mobile electronics professional, specializing in automotive audio, video, navigation, and security systems.  This experience has taken him all over the U.S. and to Japan.  In addition to that he done fill-in gospel preaching for churches in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, which has lead him to desire to do the work of an evangelist full time.  He is currently seeking a congregation for he and his family to work with.

Scott Gilmore

Scott started preaching full-time in 2000.  He now helps with the preaching duties at the Cash Church of Christ in Cash, Texas outside of his hometown in Greenville, Texas.  He has preached in Rogers, Arkansas and Beeville, Texas.

Having moved back home to Greenville, Scott works for a metal company during the day and owns a fitness center as well as a real estate investment company with his faithful parents Stephen and Sharon Gilmore.

Scott has a wonderful wife of 14 years, Mechelle Gilmore, and three wonderful children:  Allison (9), Stephen (7) and Alan (6).  He loves fishing, karate and reading.

Kurt Jones:

Kurt G. Jones was born in Altus, Oklahoma in 1979 and raised in Pampa, Texas.  He  graduated from Pampa High School in 1998.   He grew up in institutional churches, his parents even serving as house-parents in a church-sponsored children’s home. During his teenage years, his family was forced to leave the institutional churches because of the onslaught of liberalism that had destroyed the distinctive nature of the church. Upon leaving, the Jones family became members of the Central Church of Christ, in Pampa. It was here that Kurt, his parents, and sister learned the truth and gave up the vestiges of liberalism in favor of the gospel.

Kurt holds a B.S. in Sociology from West Texas A&M University, and has been honorably discharged from the U.S. Army. Before beginning to preach he did secular work as a correctional officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Kurt currently preaches for the Woodland Hills Church of Christ in Conroe, Texas. He began this work in December of 2009.     Before moving to work with the Woodland Hills church, he labored with churches in Borger (2001-2004), Rosenberg (2004-2006), and Dumas, Texas (2006-2009).

Kurt has made preaching trips to the Philippines, with intentions to continue that effort on a regular basis.  He participated in a written debate over the issue of church-sponsored social meals with David Garner, a preacher among the institutional churches of Christ.

Kurt married Amber (Ratliff) Jones in 2004.   They have two sons Caleb and Phillip.

John Robertson

John Robertson was born in 1964 in Houston Texas.

John is married to Kasey Robertson and together they have five children (Blake, Benjamin, Aryelle, Shane, and Renya).

John is currently preaching at the Floral Heights church of Christ where he has been for the last nine years.

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Heath Rogers

Heath Rogers was born in Pawhuska, OK, on July 15, 1971. He was raised in NW Arkansas.  Heath graduated from Rogers High School in 1989, then attended two years at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

Heath began his first full-time work in 1993 with the church of Christ in Macon, MO.  He has since preached for the Sterling Avenue church of Christ in Raytown, MO (1995-96), the Shepherdsville church of Christ in Shepherdsville, KY (1996-2000), the Margaret Street church of Christ in Joliet, IL (2000-2003), the Robison Street church of Christ in Edna, TX (2003-2010), and the Knollwood church of Christ in Beavercreek, OH (2011 – present).

Heath and his wife Christy were married on August 20, 1994. They have been blessed with two children, Paige and Isaac.

Dennis Scroggins

Dennis L. Scroggins (b. 1951), began preaching the gospel of Christ in 1976.   He first began preaching at the church in Springtown, Texas, and then in Decatur, Texas although he and Glenda still attended services at the West Side church in Fort Worth.    Dennis and his family then moved to Austin, Texas where he began to preach on a full time basis with the South Fifth and Brodie Street Church of Christ.  The South Fifth and Brodie Street church outgrew their building and a new building was constructed farther south of Austin.  The church then was known as the South Austin Church of Christ.  Dennis worked with the South Austin church for almost twenty years.    He moved to Bend, Texas in order to take care of his mother-in-law and father-in-law.  He began working with the Southside church in Lometa, Texas.  Dennis presently preachers for a new work in Lampasas, Texas known as the Key Avenue church.

Dennis married Glenda Marley in 1975.  In their years together the Lord has blessed them with six children, sadly one of their sons, Matthew, was lost in 1984.  Dennis and Glenda have been blessed with eight grandchildren.

Dennis graduated from the University of North Texas in 1976, with a B.S. in Education.   He taught in the public school system in Azle, Texas as a certified teacher for three years.  He had worked before this time as a teacher’s aid in Special Education programs in the Fort Worth Independent School District.  On two separate occasions, Dennis was blessed with the opportunity to preach the gospel in Kaunas, Lithuania.  He continues to hold gospel meetings throughout the United States and Canada and to do the work of an evangelist in a local congregation.

Jeff Smith

Jeff S. Smith is an evangelist with the Woodmont church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas.

Jeff has been preaching the gospel since 1991 and has a Master of Arts Degree in counseling. In addition to his stateside ministry, Jeff has labored in Canada, Eastern Europe and India. He operates the website.

Jeff was born in 1969 and raised in Paden City, West Virginia, where he graduated from PCHS in 1987. He was baptized into Christ on January 14, 1988 by Harry Rice and began preaching later that year in the hills and hollows of the Ohio Valley.

Following his freshman year at Marshall University, Jeff moved to Florence, Alabama in 1989 to attend the University of North Alabama, where he majored in Public Relations and Radio-Television-Film.  Jeff graduated magna cum laude in 1992 and worked as a reporter with WOWL-TV in Florence that year. He gained invaluable experience by preaching for the Ligon Springs church of Christ near Russellville in 1991-1992.

On December 19, 1992, Jeff married the former Michele Walker of Green Hill, Ala. and the couple moved to Austin, Texas, where Jeff began working with the Wonsley Drive church of Christ in July 1993. He left Austin for Fort Worth in November 2000.

Marc Smith

Marc Smith (b. 1953) grew up in Texas except for a three year stint in Akron, Ohio as a teen.

He and his wife, Melodie Slater met in Odessa, Texas and married there in 1972 while he was serving in the U.S.A.F. at first as a mil-intel analyst and then as a journalist writing for two Air Force newspapers.  Marc attended college mostly in Houston on the G.I. Bill and worked in various industrial jobs for several years.

Marc began preaching in 1982 and has been located in the Waco, Texas area since 1991 preaching for the Sun Valley Blvd. church of Christ in Hewitt, a suburb of Waco. Marc preaches meetings when asked and recently, following a long time interest, did research in England on the history of the church of Christ there before 1800AD.  On that trip he was honored to preach for the church that meets in Cambridge. In January of 2010 he also took part in an ongoing teaching effort with Joe Price and Dan Torres in Bangalore, South India, teaching preachers coming out of institutionalism for the better part of a month.

Scott Vanderwood

Scott was born and raised in Middleville, MI.  At 19, he moved to Montana and met his wife Stefanie on a ranch. They were married the following February in 2006.  It was also during this time that Scott obeyed the gospel.

Scott and Stefanie then moved to Lampasas, TX and Scott began working with Dennis Scroggins for about 1 year, after which he started his first preaching work, for a small group in Hamilton, TX.  He and Stefanie moved to Hamilton in January of 2008.  During this time Scott was approached by Jim McDonald and asked to be a part of the Loop 287 Church of Christ’s 2 year preacher training program in Lufkin TX.  Scott began this work in August 2009.  He is currently in this program in addition to preaching full time for the Corrigan Church of Christ in Corrigan, TX.

Luis Zamora

Luis Zamora has been the evangelist at the South Austin church of Christ (Austin, TX) since 1999.

He grew up in Fort Worth, TX the son of a former nun and himself a devout Catholic.  His uncle obeyed the gospel and encouraged him to do the same.  After his own Bible study, Luis obeyed the gospel at Woodmont church of Christ in late December 1990 the first time he had ever set foot in an assembly of God’s people.   It was against his parents’ wishes that he obeyed the gospel, but he knew he had to obey God rather than men.

He started to worship with the South Austin church of Christ when he went to college at UT in 1992.   Dennis Scroggins agreed to teach him to preach the gospel.  He also majored in Greek with the intent of helping his brethren.

He tricked Emily Callahan into marrying him in 1997.  He could be nothing without her today.

When he started preaching in 1999, the church showed great patience as he learned and grew and made many youthful mistakes, and they are a great encouragement and strength to him today.

Luis lives in Kyle, TX with Emily, their son Samuel, and a number of quadrupeds.   He makes tents at UT Austin as a mainframe computer programmer.  He enjoys coffee, music, cooking, and coffee.  Did we mention coffee?

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