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Are We Relevant?

Several times in the history of Watchman Magazine I have written articles explaining the present state of the effort, and desires for the future.  As many may know, Watchman Magazine is my personal project, for better or worse, and the ebb and flow regarding its relevance and prolificacy are almost entirely a result of my efforts or lack thereof.  That means that my organizational abilities, mental state, and life circumstances all play a part -both in my writing, and in my publishing of the magazine.

Watchman Magazine began in January of 1998, and continued a regular publication schedule, for the most part, through 2004.  Toward the end of this initial iteration of the magazine, publication became more sporadic, as I personally dealt with a bad case of editor/publisher burnout.  After a hiatus of several years, publication resumed in January of 2010, with several changes.  Primarily, the magazine took on a blog format, rather than maintaining a monthly schedule.  With the advent of social networking, and powerful blogging software platforms, I believe this change to be a positive one.  It has made it possible for the Watchman writers to post articles on their schedule, and my editorial responsibilities have lightened.  It is nice to no longer be responsible for coding HTML, and fighting the compatibility problems of earlier years.

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Advice to Preachers: Write!

I mentioned my intention earlier this year to write an occasional article on the subject of technology and preaching.  You may put this article in that category, though the tie-in is tangential at best.  I would like to spend a moment explaining why I believe it is important for preachers to write, as a means of teaching and personal growth.

I recently came across a memoir written by Warren E. Berkley, where he described his views of writing.  The quote comes as Warren describes his 40 years of work as a gospel preacher:

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Preaching With The Pen

In the January 2010 issue of Watchman, I wrote an article titled, Projector Preaching.  It was the first in a series of articles intended to benefit those who preach the gospel.  The articles will contain suggestions and helps I have utilized in my 31 years of preaching the gospel.

Please understand that it is not my intent to set myself up as an authority on the matter of preaching.  I have some experience, and have greatly appreciated the advice and examples of men who have influenced me through the years.  I simply want to pass on some of what I have learned to those who may benefit.

It is my intent in this article to encourage preachers to write. I am convinced writing, (though among the most difficult of tasks for a preacher), is a wonderful discipline that will benefit both the preacher and his audience.  In this I include not only those who read his words, but others who will benefit from his increased discipline, ability and scholarship.

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