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Works of the Flesh: Sorcery (Witchcraft)

As the inspired writer lists the works of the flesh, he places after idolatry the word, “sorcery,” or “witchcraft” (KJV).

This new century is much like the one in which Paul wrote, fascinated with the mysterious and bizarre. As the Athenians gathered at the Areopagus to seek some new thing – some new religious oddity – millions today kneel before the gentle glow of the television or Internet in search of something similar. Thus we find Wiccans worshiping at Fort Hood with the approval of the United States Army and many more searching the stars for astrological direction or consulting charlatans masquerading as psychics.

The occult holds a place of fascination, curiosity and tolerance in an era in which men have become dissatisfied with the predictability and familiarity of Christianity. Neither can it be overlooked that this faith of ours disallows so much of the immorality that modern men crave and are unwilling to abandon; the occult not only allows such immorality, but often demands it. Continue reading » Works of the Flesh: Sorcery (Witchcraft)