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Watchman Magazine 2.0

Welcome back to Watchman Magazine!  With this editorial, we begin actively publishing material to Watchman Magazine after a hiatus of about five years.  In the last five years, the internet has changed greatly.  So, we will be doing things a bit differently this time around.

In the previous iteration of Watchman, we sought to maintain a regular monthly publication schedule.  There was no real reason for this other than it mimicked our paper based cousins, and it gave me as the editor a deadline for the preparation and publication of material.  It also wore me out!  As editor and publisher, it was my responsibility to both to correct and prepare manuscripts, and then to code them into HTML for publication on the web.  With some authors, this was fairly simple, but with others it was a real chore.  I must confess that the process became ever more daunting to me.  Though I am proud of all the material that has appeared on Watchman, I think it obvious that the first four years or so of the magazine were consistently of high quality, and that the efforts were a bit more inconsistent after that.  Without going into great detail, the magazine ceased publication as a result of editorial burnout on my part. Continue reading » Watchman Magazine 2.0

Editorial: A Short Note to Our Readers

With this issue of Watchman we begin our seventh year of publishing.  From the Prospectus issue, published to the web on November of 1997, until today, the effort has been a labor of love for yours truly.  The reader will have to determine for himself the value of the material online, but we are gratified to have been able to share with you the wisdom and knowledge of the men who have written for the magazine.

We are likewise gratified that we have been able to archive the material, and that every article written in the previous six years remains available to this day, free of charge, to our readers.  We have never sought to limit the reproduction of this material, and again repeat our desire that the articles get a wide reading.  We ask  only that the articles are reproduced completely and faithfully, and appropriate recognition is given to the author and the Magazine.

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Editorial: A Magazine Update

Most of you are aware of the fact that this is the first new issue in several months. There are a number of reasons for this, and I ask that you indulge me as I seek to explain the causes of the sporadic publishing schedule.

The major reason for the lack of activity on the site for the past several months is a very busy schedule on my part. A heavy meeting schedule, coupled with the responsibilities I have in my local work have made it difficult to maintain the monthly publishing schedule I have set for the magazine. Watchman is "extra" work, and when a choice has to be made between the magazine and my other obligations, the magazine must suffer. I beg your understanding in this.

If the magazine were a subscription paper, the obligation would be there to supply monthly material as per the agreement with subscribers. As the magazine is free to all on the internet, occasional lapses in the publishing schedule will hopefully be met with more understanding on the part of readers. Having said that, I realize that it is not good "business" practice, and such lapses have a deleterious effect upon readership. The magazine always shows a decrease in monthly "hits" after one of these lapses.

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Editorial: State of the Magazine

This issue of Watchman Magazine marks a renewal of publishing the magazine after a two month lapse. Faithful visitors to the Watchman site are aware of the fact that the last issue of the magazine was posted at the beginning of November, 1999. I want to spend a moment giving a short explanation of what was “going on” behind the scenes, and to let you know what to expect in the future from Watchman.

First, let me thank you for your expressions of concern and support. Many emails were sent, and several phone calls were made. Some were curious as to my personal health, and others expressed concern that the voice of Watchman might cease. I feel I need to apologize for giving rise to such concern. In reality, the cause for the momentary cessation of publishing the magazine was much less serious.

Basically, the reason is I got very busy, and also that I got a small case of “Internet burnout”! Additionally, my fellow editors, Larry Fain and Tom Roberts have recently relocated. Larry to Lafayette, LA, and Tom to Longview, TX. This has precluded them taking as active a part in the magazine for the past several months. In fact, Tom is at present just now getting “settled in” at Longview, and most probably will not be actively involved in the magazine for the next 2 or 3 issues. I want to express my sincere appreciation to Larry for the editing of the theme this month, Rudiments of the Gospel. His help has allowed me to get a semblance of a schedule back for the magazine, and will help to ensure that future issues of the magazine are posted expeditiously. Continue reading » Editorial: State of the Magazine

Editorial: Some Magazine Business

Welcome to the July issue of Watchman Magazine. It has been a hectic several months, and this editor feels like he just got off of the Texas Giant Roller Coaster at Six Flags over Texas. In addition to several meetings, a trip overseas, and the continual day to day rushing about with my work and my family (four kids), I had two computer crashes that affected my ability to publish the magazine. But, we have come out the other side. The rapids have been ridden, and we have a few minutes calm before the next wild ride. We have been able to upgrade our computer equipment, Tom Roberts has some wonderful material in the offing for the August issue of the magazine, and we have a “new and improved” Watchman Magazine lined up for you this month. Continue reading » Editorial: Some Magazine Business

Editorial: State of the Magazine

1998 was truly an enlightening, uplifting and challenging year with regard to Watchman Magazine. The magazine began as a simple idea about a quarterly webzine on a shoestring budget, and became a prodigious undertaking (although still on a shoestring budget). First order of business is to thank my two associate editors for the fine work they have done in our first year of publication. I count both Larry Fain and Tom Roberts among my dearest friends, which of course does not in any way qualify them to edit a magazine. However their intense love for the truth, boldness in proclaiming it, and their talented pens have been evident for the past 12 months. Continue reading » Editorial: State of the Magazine

Editorial: A New Venture in Cyberspace

(Note: This is an archived article, some of the links may not work).

Welcome to the prospectus issue of Watchman Magazine. The magazine will be published monthly, with each issue coming on-line the first day of each month. Each issue will be available for the entire month, and then will be archived in our Past Issues index. That way, all issues of the magazine will always be easily accessible. The first full and official issue will be on-line January 1, 1998. This Prospectus has a great deal of worthy material to commend it, and is the borne fruit of many hours of planning, praying and development. No doubt the magazine will continue to develop, but we pray that as is it will be a blessing to those who read it.

On the front page of this issue you will find the Editorial Policy, as well as the Statement of Purpose of the magazine. I encourage you to read both, as they supply information needed to understand the vision the editors had in developing this magazine. Both of these will always be available in every issue of the magazine.

This editorial is intended to be an introduction to the various features of Watchman Magazine. The title hearkens to Ezekiel 33, where the word of the Lord came to Ezekiel the prophet instructing him, “So you, son of man: I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for me.” The editors and writers of the magazine take very seriously our obligation as Christians, elders, and evangelists to follow the example of Ezekiel, and “contend earnestly for the faith…” (cf. Jude 3). We are not making the claim to be the only voice for truth, nor the standard of truth to God’s people. However, we make no apology in using this means to preach the glorious gospel, and defend it against all enemies within and without. Continue reading » Editorial: A New Venture in Cyberspace