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The Simple Gospel: Ex-Christian Association

It is not unusual these days to see a bumper sticker with some message indicating that the owner is an alumnus of some college, or member of a fraternal order or church group. Recently I saw one indicating that the driver of the car was an "ex-Ranger," probably a past member of the Rangers baseball club. This triggered a thought about the possibility of forming an association, complete with bumper sticker, of those people who used to be members of the Lord’s church and calling it the "Ex-Christian Association." Surely there are enough people around who qualify.

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The Distaff: Peter, The Three-Timer

When you think about Peter, the apostle, you might think of him as a two-timer. After all, he denied Christ. Or you might think of him as a two-timer because he wrote two of the epistles in the New Testament. But let me tell you why I think of Peter as a Three-Timer. I hope to help you see the human side of Peter; to see how Jesus used Peter for His glory; and to understand that our mistakes and sins can be forgiven and turned into positive things for the Lord.

In four situations Jesus made a point with Peter by repeating the lesson three times. Was Peter hard-headed? Or, was he simply human? Do you have to hear something more than once to get it through your head? Jesus knew he had to implant these lessons firmly; both for Peter’s benefit and ours. Continue reading » The Distaff: Peter, The Three-Timer