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A Quiet Man of God

The following is a tribute I wrote for my father, who passed from this life October 20, 2011.  My friend and brother in Christ, Dennis Craig, read it for me at a memorial service we had for dad on October 24, 2011.  Dad’s name was Larry Cox.  He was not well known in the brotherhood, but he was well loved by the brethren who knew him.  He was not a preacher, just a kind and godly man.  And a wonderful example for me and his family, friends and brethren.  Men like this deserve honor as much as others who are better known.  I pray you are encouraged and edified by learning a bit more about my dad.

The day before my dad died he and I were sitting in his hospital room talking. He mentioned to me that he had for a long while toyed with the idea of writing a short biography of his life that he thought might have meaning for his family. "When you have lived as long as I have," he said, "you gain a couple of insights you can share. Maybe not many, but a few."

This desire was not a surprise to me, because I had found a short outline he had handwritten some time before. I was going through his papers while he was in the ICU, near death, a year ago. I kept it with me for the past year. It is a single page, off of a 5" X 8" pad. I would like to spend a short time "fleshing out" that outline to give you a better idea of the type of man dad was. All of you know him as a kind man and a faithful Christian. There are reasons he lived his life as he did.

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Remembering Sister Lela: The Follow-up

Please refer to the first article that I wrote, "Remembering Sister Lela" in the July 2001 issue of Watchman Magazine (click here) to connect the thoughts of this final article regarding the life of this precious saint.  Thank You.

Bobby R. Holmes

Brother and Sister McCarterSince I wrote the first article, "Remembering Sister Lela", many things have happened.  Monies for a memorial stone to honor sister Lela and a fence to be installed around the cemetery plot was slow coming in, but, enough was finally generated by good brothers and sisters in the Lord to have first the memorial stone cut and placed and then the fence installed.  The stone was placed there fall of 2001 while I was in Mississippi for a gospel meeting and I drove up there in June of 2002 to watch and take pictures as the fence was installed with the final work completed.   I have taken pictures of the memorial stone and also have a picture of sister Lela and her husband.

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Remembering Sister Lela

(April 3, 1933 – October 1, 1998)

Sister Lela, as everyone called her with affection, was not rich in this world’s goods and modern ways of thinking. She cleaned houses when she could to help pay the bills. Though she was poor by the worlds standards she was wealthy in God’s eyes for she was a faithful child of the King.

I first met sister Lela McCarter in about 1985 when I was invited by brother Mike Hurst to hold a meeting for the small black church of Christ in the rural community of Sturgis Mississippi. Mike was a young white man studying at Mississippi State University in Starkville. He had noticed the meeting place of this group of saints while driving through the country one day and as it looked like people were meeting there he started asking questions and found they indeed met, but had no one to preach for them. He volunteered to do so and they gladly accepted. Mike soon found out through sister Lela that the church there was under the “oversight” (control) of the large white Lee Blvd. Church in Starkville. Continue reading » Remembering Sister Lela