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Steal No More

Is there anyone who does not know it’s wrong to steal? Yes! Everyone can be fooled into thinking something is okay that is actually stealing. It is a serious matter and a real temptation and danger for Christians in any age.


Time is not only the most precious resource; it’s also the most stolen.

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"…Let None of You Suffer…As a Thief"

Many years ago, while living in Houston we were awakened in the middle of the night by police officers banging on our apartment door and bedroom window. Bewildered and bleary eyed I opened the door to hear the cause of all the uproar from one of the officers who explained that most of the cars in the parking places out front had been broken into and burglarized.

The good news was that they had caught the guy and had him handcuffed and subdued in the backseat of one of the police cruisers. When I got a good look at him I noticed that he was about my age at that time; early twenties. The police wanted all those folks they had awakened and who had been robbed to identify and reclaim any items the thief had taken from their cars. As I looked over that jumbled pile of stuff the guy had broken out car windows to get at, I was amazed at the inexplicable collection of junk he had stolen. There were Tupperware containers, pots and pans, old style portable transistor radios, dirty pillows, auto parts, gear shift knobs (!),..well you get the idea. Pathetically, my plastic lunch box, hard hat, and yes, my car’s gear shift knob, were there, too. Everyone having gotten their belongings, the police hauled off the inept thief to the pokey. We all went back to bed shaking our heads at such a stupid and out of control person. The driver’s side window of my work car had been smashed by him and as I later found out would cost a little over $300.00 to replace. The deductible on my insurance for such matters was $250.00, naturally.

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The Simple Gospel: You Will Not Steal

There is an enduring lesson that was indelibly imprinted upon my memory by an object lesson my father taught me when I was no less than three years old.

We had stopped at a small rural grocery store, the type that has nearly completely disappeared in this day and time. To me then, it was almost a magical place in the items it offered. It was the type of country store with the horizontal soft drink case outside under the overhanging porch filled with half melted ice and glass bottles of “Coca Cola,” “Orangette” and “Grapette.” The front door had about three wooden steps leading to a screen door through which, once inside, you were able to take in all the wonderful odors that such places had to offer. The combined smells of fresh ground coffee, apples, bananas, oranges, fresh bread and of course, to a three year old, the intoxicating smell of candy. There is a great variety of scents we can think of when it comes to candy but one of the most clear is the fragrant smell of bubble gum. An irresistible treasure, a box full these individually wrapped pieces of gum were probably placed at eye level and within reach of small hands for temptation sake. Continue reading » The Simple Gospel: You Will Not Steal