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Blessed Sleep

Insomnia, or the inability to get enough sleep during the night is a problem that many have. If we don’t get enough sleep it can cause all kinds of difficulties and our health suffers, too. We should first make certain there is not a medical problem that we are dealing with. If it is a medical matter we need to see a doctor for diagnosis. Some practical advice is not to have caffeine in any form after four in the afternoon because it takes at least six hours for its effects to wear off. It is often the culprit when we go to sleep just fine, but awake in the wee hours and we are then unable to sleep more; that is such a miserable thing to endure.

However, true insomnia is sometimes caused by other reasons. The Lord knows we need sleep and that it is a comfort to us as well. The word of God actually addresses this subject quite a bit. Let us consider some things that He wants us to know about sleep:

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