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"God Knows My Heart"

We often hear this phrase uttered when one is caught in open sin, and when there is a clear disparity and discrepancy in their practice and the truth of the scriptures.  During the course of a discussion or Bible study one may be convicted by the scriptures of their sin, yet they are not willing to come to repentance and follow the Truth of the scriptures. Thus, this phrase “God knows my heart” is uttered. It is a feeble attempt to justify their sin in their own minds. The phrase is said to nullify obedience to God’s divine word.  Thus, those who make this argument, imply “I am convinced in my own mind and heart, thus it must be pleasing to God regardless of what He has revealed in the scriptures.”   It is the credo of those who “serve their own belly,” rather than “the Lord, Christ” ( Philippians 3:17-19).  The phrase defines the very attitude of those who seek to follow their own emotions and feelings, and reject the clear teaching of inspired scripture which alone is able to make us complete and equip us unto all good works ( 2 Timothy 3:16-17).  Let us consider the scriptural implications of such an argument…..

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