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Reverence Is Not Legalism

The British have a strange form of government. They have a queen, but she does not exercise any real power. Her authority is only ceremonial and her crown is worth nothing more than the gold and jewels that compose it. The real power was stripped away from her family by the people and one of them, the prime minister, is now the head of English government.

Modern Christianity has done much the same thing to its king, Jesus Christ. While people still recognize his crown, they do not attach much significance to his exercise of authority in all matters of faith. Hence, various denominations proudly boast doctrines and missions growing out of their own interpretation of the Bible, most generally not a literal interpretation at all.

The last will and testament of Jesus Christ contains his decrees for his brethren, the redeemed, and the conditions placed upon them should they wish to attain the inheritance he left for them, a mansion in heaven for all eternity. As the monarch of a great universal kingdom, he and his ministers, the apostles, set down the law for his subjects in the New Testament.

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