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Solid Food: Sainthood

Just a few years ago, the Catholic nun known by the clerical title of Mother Teresa passed away. Because she led a life of self-sacrifice and human service, many began to express their hope that the Roman Catholic church might one day declare her to be a saint. Evidently, in the judgment of the world, she was not quite a saint in life.The Catholic church has given the world a fundamental misunderstanding about sainthood and set it aside as a clerical award earned by works. The Bible makes no distinction between sainthood and simple discipleship. You can become a saint in life, but not in death.

In this lesson, we will examine the Roman practice of venerating certain individuals to their version of “sainthood” and then look at what the Bible has to say in response. The solution may surprise you: You too can be a saint! Continue reading » Solid Food: Sainthood