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A Refutation of the A.D. 70 Doctrine – 3

In the previous article we answered the question of “why” regarding the A.D. 70 Doctrine. Why would anyone entertain such a doctrine, and why is the doctrine pushed to the division of churches?

A second question is commonly asked — the question of “How?” The A.D. 70 Doctrine seems to be, on its face, an absurd theory. How could any student of the Bible possibly entertain a doctrine that asserts the resurrection is past, and the end of the world has already occurred? It seems only necessary to clearly state the position to reject it. And yet, many have completely embraced the doctrine, and are convinced of its merit.

To answer the question of “How”, we refer by way of illustration to a recent scientific “discovery” making the rounds on the internet. It is referred to as “darksucker theory”, and entire discourses on the theory can be referenced by entering the term into any internet search engine. Here is a quote from one such document:

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A Refutation of the A.D. 70 Doctrine – 2

An Introduction to Realized Eschatology

There have been those who have held to the Realized Eschatology doctrine for many years.  There is an internet site, Preterist Archive (1), that contends Preterist Eschatology can be found in the earliest writings of the church fathers.  On their site they have a book titled A Paraphrase and Annotations Upon All the Books of the New Testament, written by H. Hammond, and published in 1653.  The claim is that Hammond espoused this doctrine in that book.

It is generally accepted that the modern advocation of the doctrine has its origin with C.H. Dodd (1884-1973).  Dodd was a Congregationalist minister for three years before becoming an academic.  He eventually reached his professional pinnacle as a Professor Emeritus of Divinity at Cambridge University.  In describing his views, Wikipedia states, “He is known for promoting ‘realized eschatology’, the belief that Jesus’ references to the Kingdom of God meant a present reality rather than a future apocalypse.” (2)  Herein lies a problem when discussing this issue.  The reader will note that the contributor to the Wikipedia article indicated that a belief that the Kingdom of God is presently established makes one an advocate of Dodd’s position.  This, of course, is too broad a brush.  Millennialists have a perception that colors references to Dodd and his ilk.

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A Refutation of the A.D. 70 Doctrine – 1


A doctrine exists which asserts that all Biblical prophecies regarding the end times were ultimately fulfilled with the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome in A.D. 70.  It is known by several names.  It is referred to most commonly by the awkward “A.D. 70 Doctrine”, technically by the term “Realized Eschatology”, recently by some of its adherents as “Transmillennialism®”, and less precisely by the more generic term “Preterism.”


A.D. 70 Doctrine. As indicated above, the generally accepted date of the siege and destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman general Titus is A.D. 70.  The doctrine this work examines asserts that all of the “end time” prophecies and references in the New Testament refer to that event.  It is contended that at that time, Jesus came for the second and final time.  At that time, taking the language of 2 Peter 3, (and wresting it, we might add), “both the earth and the works that are in it” were burned up; and the “new heavens and a new earth” were established.  Though it is not a phrase used by the adherents of the doctrine, it is descriptive and appropriate.

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