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Trademarking “Tebowing”

The New York Jets backup quarterback has been a bit of a public relations sensation since entering the NFL. Most agree that the hype surrounding him is probably greater than his actual talent. But, that being said, he is extremely popular, in part because he is a very religious individual and is very forthcoming about his faith.

After touchdowns and on other occasions each game, Tebow drops down to a knee, and in front of tens of thousands of fans, and millions of viewers on television, says a short prayer. Some wag coined his practice “Tebowing” (the name is pronounced with a long ‘o’, like an archer’s bow).

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Hindered Prayers

With the market domination of cellular telephones, we have all had the experience of carrying on a conversation with someone who was really disconnected some time ago.

With such phones, we occasionally have to ask, “Can you hear me now?” because we’re not certain our message is getting through. Then, sometimes, we have no clue that we’ve been disconnected altogether.

Prayer can feel about like that at times in our lives, especially if we occasionally doubt our message is getting through or discover that we have been unknowingly disconnected for quite a while because of some sin or rebellious attitude.

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Peter, James, and John

All of the apostles were chosen by the Lord for a reason. All of them shared in the ministry and apostleship, even Judas (Acts 1:25). Despite this equality, the gospel accounts reveal that on three different occasions, Jesus chose three of His apostles, separated them from the rest, and allowed them to see things that they were not permitted to tell the others.

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The Simple Gospel: What to be in 2005

It’s that time of year again, when millions make New Year’s resolutions — with many breaking them within the first week of the New Year.  Resolutions are not bad. Making goals is a helpful way to achieve the improvements we wish to make in our lives. They need to be realistic and possible. Here are a few suggestions to be in 2005 that are within the reach of every Christian.

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C.R. Nichol and R.L Whiteside, in their Sound Doctrine workbooks, said of prayer, “Perhaps no one can be entirely free from his environments; but to keep this prayerless spirit of the present age from overwhelming us, let us diligently read the Bible, and thus associate with God and Christ and the praying men of God — and pray.  Prayer is the very breath of the Christian” (Vol. 2, pg. 68).

“Prayer is the very breath of the Christian.” This is a sentiment, which if embraced by Christians, will lead to the type of spiritual maturity and mindset needed to combat the evil of our day.

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In the Steps of the Savior: Giving Thanks

In Luke 17, the Bible tells us of a time when Jesus came to a village near the border of Galilee and Samaria while on His way to Jerusalem. As he came into the village, ten lepers were shouting to Him in the distance. They pleaded with Jesus to heal them saying, "Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!"

Jesus responded by commanding them, "Go, show yourselves to the priests." No doubt this gave the lepers great cause for hope. Under the Old Testament regulations regarding lepers, there was no reason for a leper to go to the priest unless some change had occurred in his status. Leviticus 13 and 14 detail the tests for leprosy, the quarantine associated with it and the sacrifices to be given in the case of cleansing. The same trust that led them to seek healing from Jesus led them to do as He said and go to the priests. The text shows how their hope became a reality in the following words:

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