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Peer pressure is a subject that is always talked about but is often dismissed as outdated and useless in real world applications.  Whenever we talk about peer pressure we inevitably bring up alcohol, pre-marital sex, or drugs.  These are the top three in no particular order.  Additionally we tend to only make an application of peer pressure to those who are younger.  Teenagers seem to be our prime target of peer pressure lessons.  Well guess what, peer pressure doesn’t end at twenty but will only increase as we continue to age.
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The Distaff: The "In Crowd" VS In Christ

The following joke appeared in the July 2004 edition of Reader’s Digest:

Reporter interviewing a 104-year-old woman: "What is the best thing about being 104?  She replied, "No peer pressure."

While this is humorous as an age joke, it’s not so funny when you’re a teenager facing the very real challenge of peer pressure.  This is especially true for Christian teens.  Children and adults are either oblivious to such pressure, or are confident and secure enough not to care.  Most teens, however, do care about what other people think.

When I was a teenager, lo these 20 years ago, we referred to this phenomenon as being part of the "in crowd."  I remember an article in my school newspaper about what was "in" and what was "out."  Nike shoes were in, Adidas was out.  Walkman radios were in, transistor radios were out.  Three-wheelers were in, motorbikes were out. Thinking back on that list, it was really about materialism and excluding kids whose parents didn’t have the money for whatever was "in" at the time.

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