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Voices from the Past: Narrow Noah (Ward Hogland)

Searching the Scriptures, August, 1968

There are two standards before which all stand – God and man. Computed by the standard of man, Noah was a very narrow person. I am not sure but what he was also considered narrow by the standard of God almighty! The servants of the Lord throughout the annals of history have been branded as narrow by the philosophy and worldly wisdom of man. Perhaps some consolidation can be derived by analyzing the life of Noah, to determine why people would have called him narrow.

By human standards Noah was narrow because he taught and believed his ark was the only one to be saved. Noah preached for years that salvation could be found in his ark only! (Gen. 7:23; 1 Peter 3:20,21). Today, when one teaches that salvation is found only in one church, this brings down the roof of slurs and taunts of worldly men. They usually say, “I have never heard of a person being so narrow as to claim that salvation is in only one church.” However, on the other hand, the Lord has plainly said that salvation is found only in His church which is His body (Acts 20:28; Eph. 5:23). Notice He gave His blood for His church (only) and He is the Saviour of His body, the church. Continue reading » Voices from the Past: Narrow Noah (Ward Hogland)