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A Capella Singing

In the July 3, 2010 issue of The Christian Chronicle, coverage was given to a recent “international symposium of sacred a cappella music, involv[-ing] members of Churches of Christ as well as Mennonites, Eastern Orthodox, Reformed Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Roman Catholics.”

The symposium was a sequel to a previous effort which took place in 2007.  Concerning that event, the article notes “‘The Ascending Voice’ debuted at Pepperdine in 2007 — the brainchild of [Darryl] Tippens, who saw it as a way to celebrate and promote a cappella worship in a world of praise bands and recorded music.”

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Voices from the Past: Origin of Instrumental Music in Christian Worship (M.C. Kurfees)

Gospel Advocate Publishing Company, 1898

The demand for this tract seems as great today as it was when the first edition appeared, more than three years ago; and the fifth edition, which is pubblished by the Gospel Advocate Publishing Company, Nashville, Tennessee, is herewith given to the public. The widespread and increasing demand for a publication which is in direct opposition to the popular use of instrumental music in the worship of God is one of the significant and encouraging signs of the times and with special reference to the logical merits of the argument presented in the following pages, a prominent Episcopalian bishop writes: “If the premises you lay down are true, your conclusion is irresistible.” My confidence in the correctness of the premises laid down not only remains unshaken, but is strengthened by a more extended survey of the field of evidence, and thus far no one has made a formal attempt to meet the argument submitted. If those who know the truth on the issue involved will not become discouraged, but continue to “cry aloud and spare not” against all presumptuous interference with the divinely appointed worship many churches of the present age will yet be saved from this high-handed sin; they will be made to feel the force of the solemn apostolic admonition “not to go beyond the things which are written.”


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