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The Incredible Accuracy of Luke

Although it might be tempting to read the accounts in the Bible as “stories” with about as much historicity as a myth or fable, Luke’s reliability as an historian is unquestionable. Biblical archaeologist Merrill Unger says that archaeology has authenticated the gospel accounts, especially Luke. In Unger’s words, “The Acts of the Apostles is now generally agreed in scholarly circles to be the work of Luke, to belong to the first century and to involve the labors of a careful historian who was substantially accurate in his use of sources.”

His mention of matters such as the census (Luke 2:1-3), Lysanias as a tetrarch (Luke 3:1), Lystra and Derbe being cities of Lycaonia (Acts 14:6) all show his intimate knowledge of first century life.

Furthermore, his usage of terms such as “deputy” (Acts 13:7, 12; 18:12), “part” (Acts 16:12),“rulers” (Acts 17:6) and “chief man” (Acts 28:7) have confounded scholars but he has always be proven to be right.

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