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Deacons – Their Qualifications and Work

Many churches have members appointed to an office or wearing a title called “deacon.” These churches have their own concept of what these individuals are and what they are supposed to be doing. In some churches deacons are the decision makers. In other churches deacons are nothing more than figureheads. The preacher is doing the work of the elders, the elders are doing the work of deacons, and the deacons are doing nothing.

Deacons have an important role to play in the Lord’s church. We know that God has set the church in order. He has put every part in its proper place. To understand what a deacon is, and what he is to do, we must understand what the Bible says about deacons. Continue reading » Deacons – Their Qualifications and Work

Reversing the “Spin-Doctors”: One Nation Under God?

Starr/ClintonPrologue: My desire in this article is to note the societal trends that would not only allow a man such as Bill Clinton to occupy the office of President, but also would allow him to stay, with an astounding measure of personal popularity, despite his rather public shortcomings. Such societal attitudes are expressed very clearly by H. John Rogers, in an article he wrote, titled , Starr’s Church of Christ. Two short phrases from his article sum it up well. He writes, “Unfortunately for President Clinton, his sexual peccadillos were committed during the reign of a spiritual descendant of Oliver Cromwell.” In another place in the article, Rogers’ writes, “It is the President’s great misfortune that his inquisitor is a man who considers a little hanky-panky and its natural by-product (the covering lie), the equivalent of treason and bribery.” Such words are, to say the least, a great concern to those who advocate an adherence to God’s moral standard as revealed in scripture. How can we as a society continue when our attitudes and actions rise as a continual insult before the Almighty God? Continue reading » Reversing the “Spin-Doctors”: One Nation Under God?

Reversing the “Spin-Doctors”: Don’t Blame the Messenger

Kenneth Starr has been under an extreme denigration from the press, the White House, and various members of Congress for his independent counsel investigations of President Clinton. In his defense, Starr recently told reporters, “Don’t blame the messenger if you don’t like the message.” Attacking the messenger when you don’t like the message has been a common ploy practiced throughout the ages. Many of the prophets of the Old Testament as well as the apostles and preachers of the New have known the stinging feedback that is received when the truth hits its target. When King Ahab saw Elijah he cried, “Is that you, O troubler of Israel?” (1 Kings 18:17,18). Yet, Starr has not troubled America. Clinton and his sins have caused the trouble.

They Attack His AuthorityThroughout this ordeal doubt has been cast upon Starr’s authority for his investigation. Starr has conducted his investigation within the parameters and with the authority delegated to him from others. If he has abused his authority, his accusers have yet to produce any evidence. Continue reading » Reversing the “Spin-Doctors”: Don’t Blame the Messenger

Reversing the “Spin-Doctors”: Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

Starr/Clinton A brother recently sent me an article, titled Starr’s Church of Christ, penned by H. John Rogers, a liberal lawyer who evidently moonlights as a Methodist minister. This brother requested that we offer a response to Mr. Rogers’ rampaging ridicule, and we are happy to oblige. We shall seek to counsel Counsellor Rogers while defending heaven’s wonderful “Counsellor,” whom Mr. Rogers has so egregiously and grievously offended (Isaiah 9:6; 1 Corinthians 8:12).

Introductory Preface: When he sent me a copy of Mr. Rogers’ remarks, and requested a review, the aforementioned brother said, “be ready to be called some names!” This was said in a light-hearted, friendly fashion, but he knew that, given the tone and tenor of Mr. Rogers’ statement, it would be necessary to identify and specify what we were talking about when we made the study which follows. Hence, in a private e-mail, I said to this brother: Continue reading » Reversing the “Spin-Doctors”: Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

Moral Leadership

A biblically based examination of moral leadership in all aspects of human society, spawned by the current controversy surrounding the American President.

The following study is occassioned by the present national crisis. Our government is about to begin an impeachment inquiry for the express purpose of determining whether it is appropriate to impeach the sitting president, Bill Clinton. Of course, it is not the purpose of this article, or this magazine to engage in political activity. However, it is appropriate to comment upon these circumstances as they serve as a barometer of this nation’s current moral climate. Such an examination will allow us to make pertinent suggestions on how to more effectively please God both as a nation, and as individual Christians seeking to influence our people (nationally) for good. Continue reading » Moral Leadership

Solid Food: Does Acts 6 Authorize Women in Business Meetings?

To set the issue of women in business meetings clearly and precisely before us, there first must be a basic understanding about what we mean by our terms. Some might jump to unwarranted conclusions anytime it is suggested that women participate at any level in a “decision-making” process (whether business meeting or not), assuming that any activity of women in such a capacity is radical feminism. On the other hand, others might be as quick to assume that a denial of women in any kind of participation relegates women to second class citizenship in the kingdom and degrades them as compared to men of the church.

In order to avoid this pendulum swing of extremes, we should be very sure that we understand our terms and that they have a firm foundation on the word of God. What we believe and practice must not be either a position based on ancient cultural traditions or a reaction against a more modern, liberalizing culture. Contrary to what some teach, the Lord’s people can establish a scriptural practice outside the constraints of time and tradition, solely upon a “thus saith the Lord,” independent of and separate from any other consideration. The question is, “What does God authorize?”, not “What is cultural at the moment?”, or, “What was cultural in New Testament times?” Women’s Liberation concepts must not be allowed to influence us; male chauvinism has no place in our deliberations. It is inspiration from God alone that guides our thinking. Continue reading » Solid Food: Does Acts 6 Authorize Women in Business Meetings?