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A Review of: Versions, Reverence, Modernism, Phariseeism & Authority by Richard Fox

Editor’s Note: This rejoinder of Fox’s article is the final one of the exchange (as per the editorial policy of Watchman Magazine).  The reader is encouraged to read the initial Editorial, written by Stan Cox, and Fox’s review.


This review of brother Fox’s article, "Versions, Reverence, Modernism, Phariseeism & Authority" is intended to offer a Biblical analysis of his material.  I have met brother Fox and know him to be a man of dedicated faith.  I have no personal grudge or animosity toward him, and ask you to give his article as well as this one a fair hearing.  I would ask you to please read his article before proceeding with this one so that you are familiar with his material and lines of reasoning.  Then, with an open Bible and a ready mind, give attention to the things that are spoken to see whether they are of God (Acts 17:11). 

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Versions, Reverence, Modernism, Phariseeism and Authority

Editor’s Note: This review of the editor’s October editorial entitled Binding Archaisms is printed here with the permission of the author.  A rejoinder penned by Joe R. Price can also be found in this issue of Watchman Magazine.

Not A Writer

I must apologize for things such as wordiness, poor sentence structure, and etc. as I do not consider myself a writer.  Writing is not my "cup of tea" – however, after some have took upon themselves to "coach" with the writings of those who must be uninformed or unlearned; I feel compelled to put some thoughts in writing concerning, versions, (or in some cases perversions) of the Bible; reverence, modernism, phariseeism and authority.  Liberal, modernistic, and sectarian preachers often write showing their ignorance of things that concern spiritual concepts.  Sometimes I am amazed at what some, who call themselves brethren, write and print that shows immediately either their lack of study, misunderstanding or failure to consider all the facts.  Their arguments are "shallow" to say the least and I , not being a writer, had much rather contend with these errors and mis-statements orally.  However, please carefully consider the following words and ideas.

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Editorial: Issues in this Issue

The Debate

In this issue of Watchman there appears a debate between Tom M. Roberts and Vance E. Trefethen which was originally published  in Guardian of Truth magazine in November 1994.  The debate is reprinted with the permission of both authors, and we are gratified to have had a part in making it available in electronic format.

In a recent email to me, brother Roberts indicated that the debate came about in response to material brother Trefethen had published in a booklet entitled “Confusion or Consensus.” In that booklet he affirmed “There is no pattern for men-only business meetings and a clear pattern for congregational (men and women) decision-making assemblies” (p. 12).

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