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India – Teaching Liberal Preachers Sound Doctrine

This past January 2010, I had the pleasure of joining Joe Price and Dan Torres with a number of Indian brethren in Bangalore, South India to teach classes to more than 120 liberal gospel preachers who expressed interest in leaving their institutional backgrounds. Having never preached or taught the gospel of Christ in another country I found the experience much more rewarding than I ever would have thought. I would like to highly recommend the potential and the validity of this extraordinary effort that after following this work from its inception from afar I have now had the chance to witness it and join in to do my part.

Of course, Joe Price had been on four previous trips to India and Dan Torres had been previously as well, so I was the new guy. This work was originally pioneered by Bobby Holmes and Stan Cox back in 2004 and faithful brethren had come nearly every year in the intervening years. On my trip I was filling in for Bobby, who requested me to come to fill in for him, since his health has become perilous and he has decided because of the sometimes difficult aspects of such travels he cannot return. Bobby has been indefatigable through his many trips to India and his devotion to the spread of the truth throughout India is unquestioned. In fact, if you spend some time with Bobby you will learn that his enthusiasm for India is infectious!

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