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Holier than Thou

Most of us have heard the accusation hurled our way or at someone else.  The accuser says, “You have a holier than thou attitude.”  Could this accusation ever apply to a member of the body of Christ?

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A Babbling Tower

In Genesis 11:1-9 we read the familiar story of the tower of Babel.  At this time in the history of man he was singular.  After the flood man had a single language and seemed to inhabit one particular area, in and around Shinar.  In Shinar man had the grand idea of establishing for himself a name.  He proposed to do this by building a city and a tower to the heavens.  Clark puts this event about 100 years after the flood and already we can see the folly of man as he again thinks of his works and ideas and seeks to establish a name unto himself.

Throughout the years of the history of man, his folly has been evident.  He has built cities, established governments, overthrown the same, and all the while professed to be gaining knowledge.  His search for knowledge is insatiable and while knowledge is a good thing it is also the bane of man’s existence as he has established by himself truths which are not.  In Acts 26:24 Festus cried out to Paul, “Paul, you are beside yourself!  Much learning is driving you mad!”  Unfortunately it is the same today.  As man increases in knowledge the madness for his own knowledge is ever increasing and wasteful and leads him to foolish conclusions.
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Solid Food: Solid Food

Editor’s Note: With this issue of Watchman, we welcome aboard brother Jeff S. Smith as our Solid Food columnist. Jeff is a very talented writer, and a studious man. In my association with Jeff, I have been impressed with his logical mind, his strong spine, and his quiet good humor. While he is just now joining our magazine on a monthly basis, he has written several good articles for us in the past. We look forward to his more regular contributions! If you don’t know Jeff well, be sure to visit our page of Biographical Sketches to learn more of him and his work for the Wonsely Drive congregation in Austin, TX. Meanwhile, here is his first article under the byline “Solid Food.”

Solid Food
The Hebrew writer was compelled to interrupt his explanation of the priesthood of Melchizedek to chastise his readers, whom he surmised would find such a subject beyond comprehension. The fault for this ignorance lay not in the writer, he asserted, but the reader, whose ability to grasp the scriptures had not grown properly. Although he had much to say about Melchizedek, he was hesitant to begin because his readers had “become dull of hearing” (Heb. 5:11). Continue reading » Solid Food: Solid Food

Associate Editorial: Ignorance and Apathy

For the last several months, I have not made any contributions to the Watchman Magazine effort. Some of it was due to illness and most of the summer and early fall have been consumed with matters relevant to my recent move to Lafayette, Louisiana. I am thankful to God for the improvement in my health and for answering many prayers on my behalf. I am thankful to so many brethren who encouraged me with their kind words and their prayers throughout most of this year. I am especially grateful to Stan and Tom for their patience with me in allowing me to stay on the masthead of this great publication while not doing any of the work. There is much work yet to do, and I intend, with God’s help, to be a part of that work. Thank you.

Article: Ignorance and Apathy
All of us, I am sure, have heard the story of the two people discussing words. One fellow asks the other, “What is the difference between ignorance and apathy?” Since they had been discussing words for quite awhile, the other man responded in his frustration, “I don’t know, and, quite frankly, I don’t care!” Little did this second fellow realize that he had defined both words with eloquent simplicity and pointed application.In Paul’s writings to Timothy, he said many things that would prevent the evangelist from falling prey to either of these maladies. “Study to show yourself approved…” (2 Timothy 2:15). “O Timothy, guard what was committed to your trust…” (1 Timothy 6:20). “These things I write to you…that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God, which is the church…” (1 Timothy 3:14-15). “Till I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine” (1 Timothy 4:13). Continue reading » Associate Editorial: Ignorance and Apathy