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Video Script: Does God Exist? (1)

(Editor’s Note: A while back, I started a series of five minute videos on YouTube, designed to teach fundamental principles concerning God, the Bible, Salvation and the Church.  To see the videos themselves, look elsewhere on this site, or click here. Because the scripts are designed for verbal speech, the style is significantly different from my usual writing.  It dawned on me that the scripts from that series might benefit some for use as bulletin articles or other teaching materials.  As of this posting, seven videos have been produced.  The scripts to these will be posted in the next couple of weeks.  After that, each new script will be posted following the release of the video. Feel free to use these!)

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Does God exist? This is perhaps the most important question that man can ask. I freely admit that I can’t prove His existence empirically. That is, I can’t see Him, touch Him, or perceive Him with the five senses I possess. Others could speak more authoritatively on the subject. Moses, for one, who spoke directly with God. Our Lord Himself is another, as he descended from Heaven and God’s presence, and returned there after His resurrection. (Of course, that is another thing to prove, and we will reserve that for another broadcast).

I accept that God exists on Faith. I believe. Mind you, it is not a blind faith. I contend there is compelling evidence of His existence. In fact, we are surrounded by it!

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