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Understanding the Times

One of the interesting parts of any book or movie about time travel is watching the characters try to figure out the progress and customs of the time in which they have landed.

Their clothing, speech and knowledge are usually all wrong. It’s almost like seeing an Amish wagon clattering down a highway as sports cars and tractor trailers zip past. Clearly, somebody doesn’t understand the times.

In 1 Chronicles 12, the armies of Israel are described according to their tribes and abilities – some are armed for war, others are mighty men of valor, and some are even famous men. It is the men of Issachar, however, who are described as having “understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do” (32).

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The Foolishness of Preaching the End Times

Just about the time you think the false teacher has exhausted his pathways of perversion up pops another. If it is not original, it is an offshoot of one previously existing. It is no different concerning the end of the world. I am certain the defenders of the faith become weary from fighting the foe coming from every direction (Gal.6: 9; Neh.4: 12).

Some years ago I saw a documentary by Walter Cronkite concerning the running of the marathon in the Olympics. I recall vaguely the story of one runner who came into the stadium as he completed the 26 mile run. The huge crowd shouted encouragement as he stumbled and staggered around the track. He was so exhausted from having run the great distance that he came to what he thought was the finish line and collapsed thinking he had won the race. However, some 20 minutes later another runner came jogging into the stadium and won the race.

How terrible to have run as hard as the first runner and collapse thinking he had won only to awake to hear he had lost. He was so close, but so far. Being close didn’t count in that race nor in our spiritual race to heaven (Heb. 12:1-2). What if I die believing I have completed the race God has appointed for us, but fail to finish my course (2 Tim.4:7)? Will he reward me with the crown of righteousness (2 Tim.4:8; cf. Matt.7:21-23)? Continue reading » The Foolishness of Preaching the End Times