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Watchman Magazine 2.0

Welcome back to Watchman Magazine!  With this editorial, we begin actively publishing material to Watchman Magazine after a hiatus of about five years.  In the last five years, the internet has changed greatly.  So, we will be doing things a bit differently this time around.

In the previous iteration of Watchman, we sought to maintain a regular monthly publication schedule.  There was no real reason for this other than it mimicked our paper based cousins, and it gave me as the editor a deadline for the preparation and publication of material.  It also wore me out!  As editor and publisher, it was my responsibility to both to correct and prepare manuscripts, and then to code them into HTML for publication on the web.  With some authors, this was fairly simple, but with others it was a real chore.  I must confess that the process became ever more daunting to me.  Though I am proud of all the material that has appeared on Watchman, I think it obvious that the first four years or so of the magazine were consistently of high quality, and that the efforts were a bit more inconsistent after that.  Without going into great detail, the magazine ceased publication as a result of editorial burnout on my part. Continue reading » Watchman Magazine 2.0

New Book for Sale

From the Editor:

I have published a short book (48 pages) titled, A Refutation of the A.D. 70 Doctrine.   In January I plan on posting the material to Watchman Magazine (where you will be able to read it for free), but if you have an interest in the doctrine and would like a permanent copy, this book first presents what the Bible teaches about the end times, then introduces and refutes the A.D. 70 Doctrine.  The book costs $7.50, plus shipping.  You can order it by clicking here.

It is also my intention to publish the entire Watchman Magazine archives.  This will allow for an important permanent archive of the magazine in print form.  I am presently formatting the material, and it will be a lengthy process.  As each volume is finished, I will make available ordering information.  However, it is my intent (at least for as long as I am alive) to keep Watchman Magazine on the internet, with free access.