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Tom Couchman’s Response to the Open Letter

A Response to “The Creation Account & Florida College

Editor’s Note: This article was sent to us on July 6, 2000. It has since been posted to Ferrell Jenkin’s “Bible World” web site, and is introduced there in the following way. “A Response to The Creation Account & Florida College. By Tom Couchman. Published by permission. Interesting reading.” We would be interested in knowing if brother Jenkins is accepting of a primary argument Tom Couchman makes in his article which has been often used by Unity-In-Diversity advocates. If he rejects the argumentation, why is the article posted to the site without due warning given to the error it contains? Also, why is an answer given to the open letter at his web site, but the letter itself is nowhere to be found. It seems only fair that both sides of the issue be heard.

In Watchman Magazine, error does not go unanswered. Included in this material is a review of Couchman’s article, penned by Maurice Barnett. All readers are encouraged to read all of the material surrounding this issue. Links are found at the bottom of this page which connect the reader to the germaine material.

To the readers of Gospel Anchor, Gospel Truths, Truth Magazine and Watchman Magazine:Writers and signers of the recent “open letter” concerning “The creation account & Florida College” (hereinafter, “the sixty-seven”) have “offered” the pages of these magazines “for a written discussion of this issue.” One would hope that publications whose editors are anxious to provide space for a debate would at least extend the fraternal courtesy of publishing a response balanced and appropriate to the original letter. Continue reading » Tom Couchman’s Response to the Open Letter