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Response to Ferrell Jenkins (Haile)

(Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted from the Gospel Anchor web site, with permission. It is a response to the article written by Ferrell Jenkins, entitled: “Connie W. Adams, Shane Scott, Tim Haile, Miracles, Truth Magazine and the CD.” The reader is encouraged to read that article in connection with this one.)

Where Does Brother Jenkins Stand?
Brother Jenkins has had several great opportunities to clear the air and tell us exactly where he stands on this issue. Instead, he is continuously shifting the issue to something that it is not. I find the course of this controversy very interesting considering the fact that my original concerns were not over brother Jenkins’ views at all! I was concerned about those of Hill Roberts and Shane Scott. Whether he intended this or not, brother Jenkins’ actions have done nothing but shift attention away from the teachings of Roberts and Scott and focused it on other things. It appears as though Jenkins has thrown himself on the proverbial grenade in an effort to spare these men. This course of action may have succeeded in drawing fire away from Roberts and Scott, but it has also weakened brother Jenkins’ own position. It has caused him to use questionable methods and arguments. It only creates confusion. Continue reading » Response to Ferrell Jenkins (Haile)