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Review of John Clayton

Creation VS Evolution

And the “Does God Exist?” Organization

The purpose of the following review of John Clayton and his teachings is not meant to be a complete look into the man and his teachings. It is only a summary of some of the errors that are taught in his materials. A more extensive review of his teachings may be found in the book, In the Shadow of Darwin ­ A review of the teachings of John N. Clayton.(1) The importance of such a review is seen in the connection of John Clayton with the teachings of Hill Roberts (discussed elsewhere in this issue). The teachings of Hill Roberts will at times evoke the names of men like Clayton and Hugh Ross. In Robert’s Lord I Believe seminar, the presentation titled “Tool 3: Origins” is “Adapted from John Clayton’s A Practical Man’s Proof of God(2) Some of the materials handed out at these seminars encourage the listener to read the top 8 books from Robert’s list. One of these books is The Source by John Clayton. Hill Roberts also promotes the “Does God Exist” ministries of John Clayton in his handout “Reaching Out to the Skeptic” and provides catalogs of Clayton’s material at some of his lectures. Continue reading » Review of John Clayton