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New Book for Sale

From the Editor:

I have published a short book (48 pages) titled, A Refutation of the A.D. 70 Doctrine.   In January I plan on posting the material to Watchman Magazine (where you will be able to read it for free), but if you have an interest in the doctrine and would like a permanent copy, this book first presents what the Bible teaches about the end times, then introduces and refutes the A.D. 70 Doctrine.  The book costs $7.50, plus shipping.  You can order it by clicking here.

It is also my intention to publish the entire Watchman Magazine archives.  This will allow for an important permanent archive of the magazine in print form.  I am presently formatting the material, and it will be a lengthy process.  As each volume is finished, I will make available ordering information.  However, it is my intent (at least for as long as I am alive) to keep Watchman Magazine on the internet, with free access.

Positive Reader Responses: Open Letter

Reader Responses to the Open Letter: The following readers of Watchman Magazine have made known their agreement with the principles espoused in the Open Letter

Note: These comments are excerpted from actual emails. As such, any misspellings, grammatical errors or typos are retained. Also, the sentiments expressed in the comments of the email are the respondents alone, and do not necessarily represent the views of either the editors of Watchman, or the views of any of the other respondents.

Total responses: 77

“Go ahead and add my name to the list, please. Prayfully, this will do some good. If not for them (FC faculty), maybe for someone else. Thanks for all your hard work!”

Joe Hafley (June 29, 2000)

“Having followed the latest incidents at FC with a concern for the truth, such digression has done nothing but confirm my belief that a man-made substitute for the work of the church such as FC’s Bible department is doomed to failure and corruption of the truth. In light of this, please append my name to the open letter as currently presented on your webpage.”

Kelly G. Spencer (June 29, 2000)
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Discussion on the New Law

Editor’s Note: The following material was written August 18-20 in the form of an email discussion between friends. Joshua Gurtler asked the initial question below. The answers he received, a follow up question, and final responses appear one after another. Each respondent is identified.

It seems to be popular these days to condemn the internet “out of hat.” Such discussions show the benefits of the electronic means of carrying a discussion. While the instantaneous means of communication has its drawbacks (people tend not to consider their words before posting), it is nevertheless a wonderful tool for communication and study. We commend these thoughts to you. The casual nature of the discussion has been retained.

Question #1

Dear Friends,

I’m studying w/ an individual who makes the claim that Christ NEVER instituted any of His new law while he was alive. Doing so would have been a violation of His own teaching of Mt. 5:19 causing Christ to make void the law thus sin. It is claimed that Christ only reiterated what the original teaching of the Law was. This individual was also quick to point out that all of Christ’s teaching still applies to us because he was teaching “eternal principles.” For this reason, Christ never taught that one must keep the Sabbath, per se, beacause that is not an eternal principle. Continue reading » Discussion on the New Law