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A Response by Marty Pickup

Editor’s Note: The following Response by Marty Pickup is to the article entitled The Serpent That Was Not There, which appeared in the August 2003 issue of Watchman Magazine.  The article was co-written by Harry Osborne and Marc Gibson.  Harry has penned a rejoinder to brother Pickup.  As per the editorial policy of the magazine, the response and rejoinder completes the exchange.

In a recent article for the 2003 Florida College Lectures, I discussed Genesis 3 and the curse that God pronounced on the serpent in the garden of Eden. I apparently expressed myself very poorly, however, because some readers have drawn the conclusion that I thought the Genesis account did not record historical fact or that Genesis 3 is a myth. Nothing could be further from the truth. I greatly regret my choice of words seeing that those words have been read in such a wrong way. So let me now be very clear: the Genesis account of Satan’s temptation of Eve is completely historical in every way. The being identified in the Bible as the serpent was really in the garden and he really tempted Eve. I never intended to suggest anything to the contrary.

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