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Response to: "Guarding the Guardian"

A Response to the Last Paragraph of Bobby Holmes’ Article

Bobby wrote that according to Jesse Jenkins “…one must have a flawed character like is described in 2 Peter 2:1-3 before he can be labeled as such,” i.e.., a false teacher. Bobby knows that is not so unless he has a very good forgetter. I am a stickler for using words or phrases like I believe the Bible uses them. This is the reason I do not use the word “Christian” as an adjective. However, I have never said one sins if he uses the word as an adjective, such as speaking of a family where all are Christians, as a “Christian family.”

Just so, I told Bobby that I will not call one a false teacher unless I am convinced that he has both a character problem and a doctrine problem. But I also told Bobby that I do not think one sins if he calls one a false teacher simply on the basis that he teaches false doctrine if he lets it be known that he is only taking about the error taught and not the man’s character.

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