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A Public Apology

Editor’s Note:

(Several months ago, brother Jack Holt emailed me with a request that I publish the apology below. I had full intention to do so at that time, but then ceased publication of the magazine for several months. With the resumption of the publication of Watchman, the apology should have been included with the May issue. I am sorry for the delay in publishing such a worthy sentiment. Brother Holt asked again a few weeks ago that the apology be published. This I am eager to do.)

In recent months I have expressed unscriptural views on several topics (the Lord’s Supper, the role of the Old Testament, the social use of church facilities, institutionalism, instrumental music, and fellowship in the realm of divorce and remarriage on the basis of Romans 14). Through 20+ years of preaching I held scriptural views on these topics, but doubts arose in my mind and I expressed them as convictions. For this I apologize and ask forgiveness for any that were hurt by my actions. Not by way of excuse, but during the last year and a half I have suffered from a brain tumor and severe depression. Clearly these things had an impact on my judgment. After radiation treatments, and medical treatment for depression my mind cleared and I realized the wrongs that I had done. I can only pray that brethren will be understanding and forgiving.