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Sermon Transcript (Homer Hailey, 1958)


(Sermon transcribed by Tom Roberts)

Brother Reed called me Sunday and asked me to come over in time for dinner tonight with brother and sister Henze. I was unable to do that, having a funeral this afternoon at 2 o’clock. I knew I would not be able to get away in time to be here, so I was glad I could make it in time for the service.

This subject of marriage and divorce is one that, at least the marriage part of it, is one that we’re all interested in. Those who are married are interested in making their marriage happy and those not married are interested in getting married. So I know that all of us are interested in one phase of the subject, whether we’re interested in all phases of it or not. However, this subject of divorce today is one that is becoming alarming. Recently, four articles appeared in the Saturday Evening Post dealing with that subject. I was amazed to discover in reading those articles that one marriage out of every three ends in divorce. Back when I was in school in, about 1930, I made a study of the subject at that time, as I recall, the latest statistics that I could find were for ’26. In 1926, there was one divorce for every 5.6 marriages. So, almost doubled since that time. It is one out of three now. The alarming part of it is that some of these, so many of them, are taking place among the children of God, men and women who ought to have been taught better, but evidently were not. Also, it’s a reflection upon our teaching of our boys and girls as they’re growing up. We are failing to impress upon them the seriousness and the sacredness of marriage and the fact that when they marry, they’re entering into a covenant relationship with another that is binding for life. But our boys and girls are growing up in ignorance of some of these things for which you and I are responsible. I don’t know what brother Pickup said last night, I saw him today, he simply said he’d talked an hour and a quarter on it and there was nothing left for me to say. So I started just to call brother Reed and tell him, “No need for me to come.” But nevertheless, brother Reed said he wanted two sermons on it even if we did say the same thing. Continue reading » Sermon Transcript (Homer Hailey, 1958)