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Sermon Transcript (H.E. Phillips, 1958)


(Transcribed by Tom Roberts)

(Beginning comments unclear – tr) ….Effort you have put forth in trying to grasp, to understand, and to use the things of the lesson that we have for our study tonight. When I arise before any number of people, on an occasion like this, I am impressed with my responsibility, not only to you, but to Almighty God, for the things that I say and the spirit with which I say it. That causes me to feel humble and to do my very best regardless of the circumstances that may be present. We are here tonight to study a subject that I have been asked to deal with in the light of God’s word and it is the matter of Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage. I could not possibly afford, in one session of study with you, to cover everything and every principle and every problem that could and should be discussed in matters of this kind. There is one thing for certain, that I am aware of as well as you, that a lot of the people who could and should be here to study this subject are not here. Now they are not here because they are doing God any harm by being away, but they are here for the very reason that the Bible says that some stood away from Christ and shunned the apostles and others, in the days when they taught upon error. Every one of us sustains the teaching or preaching truth one of three forces, that is, sustained that relationship to God when truth is being taught. Some of them sought the Lord as did Andrew and Peter and James and John and the others, everywhere they went. They sought the Lord and his teaching on the various subjects that had disturbed them. There were some others who were completely indifferent to the things which were being said. In the sixth chapter of John, there were a lot of people who followed the Lord about, just as long as he would perform miracles upon their sick and as long as he would give them bread to eat, miraculously, or any way. But Jesus finally said to them, in the latter part of the chapter, “You were not impressed with my miracles, you’re simply following me for the bread that you can get.” And when he informed them plainly of their purpose and his knowledge of it in going after him, the scriptures say that “many of them turned and walked no more with him.” And I’m sure that’s exactly the way a lot of people are tonight, not only here in Palatka, but everywhere. When the law of God touches their life and when it begins to deprive them of some things they want to do, or when it stops them from doing some things they are doing, they are not ready to walk any longer with the Lord, but to turn aside from him. Then there are some in the class of those when they heard Stephen preaching, they stopped their ears, gnashed upon him with their teeth and they put him to death, finally, by stoning him because what he said from the word of God did not approve….was not approved in their sight in any sense of the word. Continue reading » Sermon Transcript (H.E. Phillips, 1958)