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Connie W. Adams, Shane Scott, Tim Haile… (Jenkins)

Connie W. Adams, Shane Scott, Tim Haile, Miracles, Truth Magazine, and the CD

(Editor’s Note: Brother Bill H. Reeves reviews this article with his article entitled, “Observations on the Article by Ferrell Jenkins entitled, ‘Connie W. Adams, Shane Scott, Tim Haile, Miracles, Truth Magazine, and the CD'”, after reading this article, please read brother Reeve’s response. Also, brother Tim Haile, who is mentioned in the title of brother Jenkin’s article, has responded.  His article is titled, Response to Ferrell Jenkins.)

Connie W. Adams and I worked together with the Brown Street church in 1967-68. It was a busy, profitable and enjoyable work. He has visited in our home many times since we moved to Florida in December, 1968. It was with disappointment that I read his article on “The Days of Creation” in Truth Magazine (July 6, 2000). The article was mostly about Florida College and Shane Scott, a member of the Biblical Studies faculty at Florida College.

A New Criticism
Connie’s article was sent to Colly Caldwell by Mike Willis, editor of Truth Magazine, in early June. I first saw it on June 9. Both Caldwell and Scott prepared replies to the article within days and had hoped they would be run in the same issue of the paper. But they were not. After waiting until July 24, Caldwell and Scott have agreed for me to post their replies at I trust you will read that material. Continue reading » Connie W. Adams, Shane Scott, Tim Haile… (Jenkins)

The Creation Controversy and Florida College (Jenkins)

(Editor’s Note: Brother Harry Osborne reviews this article in his A Rejoinder of Lamentation. After reading this article, please read Harry’s response.)

It shall be my purpose in this article to provide an event-by-event chronology of the current controversy about the Florida College Biblical Studies faculty concerning creation and evolution. Attendance at the annual lectures has been growing steadily over the past decade. In order to alleviate crowding in Hutchinson Auditorium, where we can seat more about 600 persons, we began to have classes, taught primarily by our own faculty members, in Puckett Auditorium. This facility seats 220 but we often have more than 300 with standing room only.

In the fall of 1998 a wonderful new facility, equipped for multi-media presentations, became available at Florida College. The McCarty Multimedia Auditorium seats about 100. The Biblical Studies faculty thought it would be good to provide some additional classes in this facility for the 1999 lectures, especially those that would take advantage of the equipment there. Continue reading » The Creation Controversy and Florida College (Jenkins)