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Evidences of Faith: Another Concern in the “Age of Earth” Discussion

While I have great problems with any teaching that tries to reinterpret Genesis 1 to fit into “scientific natural observation” concerning the age of the earth, there is another issue that enters into this discussion that I find disturbing. I have read much material in this discussion on several web sites, and one argument that seems to come up time and again is the supposed effect that teaching the Bible doctrine of a young earth has on those who we may be trying to reach. We are told by some that if we insist on teaching that Genesis 1 teaches literal 24 hour days (and I think it does), that there will be people that will not listen to the gospel message.1  In other words, if I want people to believe the gospel, then I have to change the message of some of the Bible. On Hill Roberts’ web site, he has material in which he talks of Todd Green who is said to have lost his faith and left the church because brethren insisted on teaching the Bible doctrine of the young earth, something he could not reconcile with his “scientific knowledge” and observation.2  Roberts has other such stories that imply that we are doing great harm to the faith of others by insisting that the earth is young and rejecting what “science” tells us.  Continue reading » Evidences of Faith: Another Concern in the “Age of Earth” Discussion