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Wars and Rumors of Wars

(Editor’s Note: When brother Huddleston wrote this article and sent it to me, the war with Iraq had not yet begun.)

It is looking more and more like the United States is going to war with Iraq. With all the talk and hype, many people are getting very worried and anxious. The US government is telling its citizens in the USA to carry on as usual and not to get too anxious or paranoid. They did advise citizens to be more alert about what is going on around them and to exercise good security measures at home, when traveling, at work, etc. Many are buying plastic and duct tape to seal up their homes, buying can goods to last for weeks and on and on. Of course, it is good to be prepared, but many are going overboard. Many have let fear get the best of them and will not travel by plane or travel overseas. Should we let infidel terrorists scare us to the point that we stop evangelizing overseas? As Christians we are to be concerned with what the Bible has to say about these things.

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Fields White Unto Harvest: Pressing the Gospel into Foreign Lands

There are some who say that few can be converted today. That people are just not listening to God because they are just too narrow-minded, self-centered, and hardhearted. That people are just too caught up with the “love of money,” lovers of folly and fun, living from one party to the next, “lovers of their own selves,” and “lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God” who never think nor care what is right or wrong. Thus, it is said that we have an overwhelming amount of opposition today that the early church did not have. Further, they state that the early church grew so rapidly because it had so much going in its favor.

Preparation for Pressing the Gospel Into Foreign Lands

The world was specially prepared for the coming of Christ and for the spread of Christianity. Paul tells us, “But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law” (Galatians 4:4). God had worked through the Romans, the Greeks and the Jews to prepare the world for the coming of Christ. The Romans had provided the world with a universal political order that allowed the intermixture of all races and the free exchange of thought. They also built and maintained a universal highway system which made travel from one colony to another possible, quick and easy. The Jewish Dispersion took the Jewish religion throughout the known world. Synagogues were built everywhere which provided a ready place to be heard. Wherever ten adult Jewish males were found in a town, a synagogue was formed. In Acts 15:21, James speaks of synagogues “in every city.” At one time there were more than 400 synagogues in Jerusalem alone. The Greeks gave to early Christianity a world united in language and culture. The Old Testament had been translated into Greek more than 200 years before the coming of Christ, and became a potent ally of the gospel. All these things contributed greatly to the spread of Christianity. Continue reading » Fields White Unto Harvest: Pressing the Gospel into Foreign Lands