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They Being Dead Yet Speak: Voices from the Past – 2

The Gospel Guardian, Vol. 1, #45 ~ March 23, 1950

Much was said a generation ago, by able contenders for the faith, about “tendencies” that led to the departure from the New Testament order of things. Departures were gradual and always began with “tendencies” which the thoughtless and uninformed thought innocent enough, and they often became very impatient with, and just as often used bitter speech in denouncing loyal and able men who were able to see what these “tendencies” would ultimately lead to. About twenty years ago, F. B. Srygley said in the Gospel Advocate:

    “Human organization gets its recruits from the thoughtless brethren who begin to add little things that appear innocent. But all departures from the word of God began this way. The older brethren remember that these innovations started among the plain churches of Christ; and they started this way.”

As a case in point, he cited Brother Lipscomb’s discussion of the Dallas situation.

    “The elders of the church at Dallas were made the supervisors of the work, received the money, employed the preacher, directed and controlled him. For a number of years they employed C. M. Wilmeth. He then dropped out of the work and the missionary society took the place. Other experiments along the same course have been made. All of them went into the society work.”

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They Being Dead Yet Speak: Voices from the Past – 1

It is never proper to quote men, however holy and informed they may be, as authority in religion. We have however, in the church today, a new generation, many of whom are unfamiliar with the battles waged in the past against digression and the tendencies that developed into it. They appear to be blind to any dangers, and like Galileo of old, “care for none of these things.” Some, who by reason of age and experience, ought to know better, appear to be in this class. Some voices from the past are significant, in view of some problems the church faces today. Enthusiasts, hot-heads and the generally forward, are making and putting plans into operation that make it necessary to fight over again the battles of the past. The lessons of the past are forgotten and history repeats itself. Continue reading » They Being Dead Yet Speak: Voices from the Past – 1