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A Review of Hugh Ross

Creation VS Evolution

For any teaching to gain a hearing, it has to have one or more proponents who are teaching or defending the view. “Old earth creationism” has several major proponents. One of the most prominent of those proponents in evangelical circles is Hugh Ross.

Who is Hugh Ross?

Hugh Norman Ross is president of Reasons to Believe, Inc., Pasadena, CA. He has a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Toronto, and he was former Minister of Evangelism at the Sierra Madre Congregational Church. As to Ross’ beliefs about creation and evolution he is classified as a Progressive Creationist.(1) Continue reading » A Review of Hugh Ross

Understanding the Terminology

Creation VS Evolution
Words have meanings, but they often have different meanings to different people using them. Our English language is difficult to understand at times because one English word can have many different meanings. It is imperative, therefore, in any meaningful discussion to first define the terms used. Often in a debate the disputants will first define their terms. This is important for both the opponent and the audience in order to completely understand the issue. In the same way, it is important in the discussion of creation issues to define the terms beings used. A person might say, “I believe that God created the universe in six days,” and mean something completely different than what another means when he says the same thing. I have been asked by Harry Osborne to contribute an article for this special issue of Watchman Magazine covering some of the language used in the creation-evolution debate. I am happy to do my part in making others aware of this language so that we all can be prepared to discuss and challenge these issues.(1) Continue reading » Understanding the Terminology

Solid Food: Faithful Obedience or Sinful Practice? (Genesis 22:1-19)

Why do you read the Bible?

Some actually read the Bible looking for problems with God. For example, atheists and some religious persons read the Bible looking for what they conceive to be contradictory actions of God or contradictory scriptures. They hope to prove that the Bible is not the inspired word of God because it contains contradictions. We should not read the Bible to find problems with God or contradictory scriptures. The problem is not with God, but with mankind. It is mankind that has sinned. It is mankind that has acted contradictory. It is mankind that has made mistakes. The Bible is the perfect story of how mankind, with his problems, can be saved from sin through obedience to Jesus Christ. The Bible contains no contradictions! Continue reading » Solid Food: Faithful Obedience or Sinful Practice? (Genesis 22:1-19)