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Dead Snake Handler’s Friend Responds

(Evidently, our comments on the Pentecostal who died while handling a snake last Easter have struck a nerve.  Here is yet another response.)


I am not interested in having a bible study with you.  I am a snake handling preacher and did not appreciate the way you talked about our religion.  Serpent handling is very much real.  I have handled serpents and never been bitten.  I sometimes go to the church that brother Wayne pastored at. Poorvalley, in Virginia, is the church he preached at.  Wayne Long was a very generous man and a true man of God.  Why do you consider our faith to be false?  Why do you insist on slandering and putting down someone’s religion?  You’ll be hearing from me again.

Rev. Kamron Guin

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Marriage Divorce & Remarriage: Divorce & Remarriage Doctrines

There are few families today that have not been touched by divorce. As society continuously degrades into worldliness and rebellion towards God, there is a reciprocal effect upon God’s people. Many of the current issues concerning this doctrine have risen due to complex situations in the lives of all people. There was not as much controversy in times past, because the problem was not so prevalent. If you will examine an almanac, you will notice that divorce rates started to skyrocket in the sixties and have only recently slowed down it’s pace. Much of the reason for the current slowing in the divorce rate is the current trend among couples to live together without benefit of marriage.

Most Christians have come across these doctrines and have studied the Bible to determine what the scriptures actually teach. How do we know what is right and wrong regarding these issues? Can we allow anyone to teach any doctrine they want, regardless of the effect it will have on others? Continue reading » Marriage Divorce & Remarriage: Divorce & Remarriage Doctrines

The Simple Gospel: Bible Study

Bible study has everything to do with growing. We all know that we are to grow, but do we really know how to grow? There are many important things that we must do in order to grow. While we would not say that Bible study is more important than anything else, we can say that it is foundational. It is like God’s plan of salvation. All parts are equally important even though they have different characteristics and functions. The bible records over twenty things that save us. Try to leave one out, and you cannot have salvation. To try and place a greater importance on some parts over others is outrageous. But, there is one that is more vital to us than the others. In the case of salvation the one thing that provides for salvation is our individual obedience. Without obedience, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and everything else is useless for our salvation. Continue reading » The Simple Gospel: Bible Study