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The Simple Gospel: The Conditions of Salvation

One of the most vexing questions religious people face today is sorting out the truth about what conditions must be met before one can be saved. Many do not think there are any conditions. Others think that there is only one — faith. But I have found an interesting way to study this question. It is simple and leaves one with a very high degree of certainty about the matter.

If anyone can settle the matter for us, it is Jesus Christ Himself. When Jesus was preparing to leave the earth, He gave last instructions to His apostles. In three of the gospel accounts these last instructions are found, and they are generally called the Great Commission. Let’s look at these three accounts and merely ask: What did Jesus say?

The three accounts are Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-16; and Luke 24:47. If I were studying with you at the kitchen table, I would just have you get a sheet of paper and write these notes down as we go. As nearly as possible, we will conduct this study the same way. Continue reading » The Simple Gospel: The Conditions of Salvation