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Watchman Magazine 2.0

Welcome back to Watchman Magazine!  With this editorial, we begin actively publishing material to Watchman Magazine after a hiatus of about five years.  In the last five years, the internet has changed greatly.  So, we will be doing things a bit differently this time around.

In the previous iteration of Watchman, we sought to maintain a regular monthly publication schedule.  There was no real reason for this other than it mimicked our paper based cousins, and it gave me as the editor a deadline for the preparation and publication of material.  It also wore me out!  As editor and publisher, it was my responsibility to both to correct and prepare manuscripts, and then to code them into HTML for publication on the web.  With some authors, this was fairly simple, but with others it was a real chore.  I must confess that the process became ever more daunting to me.  Though I am proud of all the material that has appeared on Watchman, I think it obvious that the first four years or so of the magazine were consistently of high quality, and that the efforts were a bit more inconsistent after that.  Without going into great detail, the magazine ceased publication as a result of editorial burnout on my part.

I am back, refreshed, and hopefully a bit smarter this time around.  With this version of Watchman Magazine, I am relinquishing the title of “Editor”, and instead consider myself “Author”, “Publisher”, and “Webmaster.”  In other words, our new and talented staff of writers are responsible for the editing and submitting of their own content.  My only function other than writing material myself, is to supply a location (Watchman Magazine) for others I have invited to submit their own material.  I will assist them with the technical aspects of publishing to the site, if needed, but otherwise the first time I will see the material they write is when it is posted to the site.

That does not mean that I am not concerned with what is published on Watchman Magazine.  I have invited a number of capable men, who I trust will stand for truth, and will write meaty, scriptural and relevant articles for our readers.  I have given these men detailed instructions regarding what I expect of them as writers for the magazine.  If they violate these guidelines I have reserved the right to rescind their privilege to write for the magazine.  Further, I will continue to follow the editorial policy long established with this magazine, and will review or will appoint another to review any error that is taught on this site.

Another large difference between version 1.0 and 2.0 is the fact that there will be no set publication schedule.  Each author is free to write as often, and publish on whatever schedule they so desire.  It is my intention to supply two to three substantial articles each month.  I am hopeful that the other authors will be sufficiently prolific to provide a total of 12-15 articles, minimum, each month.  This would equal a typical edition of Watchman several years ago, and will mean that new material will be posted to the site throughout each month.  I would suggest you check back to the site often, or use an RSS aggregator to bring the articles to your desktop.

One simple way this can be done is to post Watchman Magazine’s RSS feed to your homepage.  If you have a MSN, Google, or Yahoo home page, you can have a module put on the page much like the news, sports and entertainment modules that frequently are found.  The steps are simple, but if you have questions you can email me and I will supply you with directions.  Some email clients also double as RSS aggregators, so you could, in effect, have every article written in Watchman sent directly to your inbox.  The RSS feed can be found at the top of the right sidebar.

You can also join our mailing list.  It is my intent to send out one post a month, detailing the articles that have been added to Watchman Magazine.  To join the list, click on the “Join Our Mailing List” link at the top of the page.

Enough with the technical stuff!  I have invited a number of talented and capable men to write for Watchman Magazine.  The magazine writers, at present, have a decidedly regional flavor, but I trust that the fact that we all reside in Texas will not be too much an obstacle for our readers to overcome!

Our 13 presently active authors, in alphabetical order:

  • Kyle Campbell:  Kyle works with the Loop 287 congregation in Lufkin, TX.
  • Stan Cox:  Your editor and publisher.  I preach for the West Side congregation in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Lewis Deen:  Lewis is a long time friend and a member of the Woodland Heights congregation in Brownwood, TX.  He is an intelligent and studious man, and I am confident will do a fine job of writing.
  • Jerry Fite:  Jerry is the evangelist for the Parkview congregation in Pasadena, TX.
  • Chip Foster:  Chip Foster is the preacher for the Old Granbury Road congregation in Granbury, TX.
  • Scott Gilmore:  Scott is a fine young preacher.  He also is presently a “tentmaker”, and is a member of the Cash church of Christ in Cash, TX.
  • Steve Locklair:  Steve preaches for the Highway 290 church in Brenham, TX.
  • John Robertson: John is the evangelist for the Floral Heights congregation in Wichita Falls, TX.
  • Heath Rogers:  Heath is the preacher for the Robison St. church in Edna, TX.
  • Dennis Scroggins:  Dennis preaches for the Key Avenue Church of Christ in Lampasas, TX.
  • Jeff Smith:  Jeff is our one returning staff writer from the previous Watchman, and is the preacher for the Woodmont congregation in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Marc Smith:  Marc is the evangelist for the Sun Valley congregation in Hewitt, TX.
  • Scott Vanderwood:  Scott is a young evangelist, presently working with brother Kyle Campbell in Lufkin, TX.
  • Luis Zamora:  Luis preaches at the South Austin church of Christ in Austin, TX.

One of the realities of the internet in the year 2010 is SPAM.  In order to spare our authors the misery that accompanies the publication of their email addresses, we ask that any correspondence directed to them be sent to my Watchman Magazine email address, where it will be forwarded to the appropriate writer.  If the correspondence is in regard to a particular article, please include a reference to the article in question.  For my email address, please click on the “Contact Us” link at the top of this page.

Again, welcome to Watchman Magazine 2.0.  We trust that you will benefit from the efforts of our writers, and will come back to visit our site again and again.  We ask for your prayers in our efforts, that God’s word will be proclaimed and defended in such a way that He may be glorified by these humble efforts.