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Breaking Neo-Calvinism

Authors:  Bobby Holmes and Mark Roberts

I. Tips and Tactics

    • 1. Neo-Calvinists are notorious for saying one thing when they mean something else entirely
      2. Make certain that terms such as “law,” “grace,” “imputed righteousness,” are clearly defined and that they stick with the definition
      1. Neo-Calvinists don’t want to admit we must believe to be saved, or that we must accept God’s grace, or that man must do anything to be saved.
      2. Make them say it!
      1. Legalism – “You’re a modern-day Pharisee, legalist, etc.”
      2. Ignorance – “Do you know everything?”
      3. Unrighteousness – “All our works are as filthy rags.”
      1. A great deal of Neo-Calvinism comes from perverting Romans.
      2. You must know what is taught before you can know error when you hear it!
  • A. Define all terms. Watch for “term jumping”B. Make them say “Must.”

    C. Get ready to be charged:

    D. Know the book of Romans